Why Us ?

Pacific West, LLC is an environmental and general engineering construction contractor in business since 1988. Based in Salt Lake City, UT, the Company provides a wide range of services to its many clients, including but not limited to: construction of railroad fueling facilities, track beds and rail, wastewater treatment plants, above and below ground mechanical facilities, road construction, trench-less pipe services, and 24/7 emergency response services.

Pacific West, LLC also has a pit located in Erda, Utah where it sells materials such as topsoil, boulders, cobble rock, road base, and sand. Many other products and delivery are available.


Pacific West started business in 1988, when the founder of the Company, Jay Harwood was approached by Union Pacific Railroad (UP) to help provide a solution for the disposal of 30,000 tons of petroleum contaminated soil at UP’s Portola, California rail yard. Working with California regulators and the Union Pacific Environmental Management Group, the Company developed a method to recycle the PCS into road building materials. Following the success of the Portola project and others in California, state regulators there suggested that Southern Pacific Railroad engage the services of Pacific West, LLC to help resolve their contamination problems. Since the initial involvement with Union Pacific Railroad and Southern Pacific Railroad, Pacific West, LLC’s customer base has expanded to include among others: Rocky Mountain Power, the Idaho Nuclear Laboratory, Chevron, and Conoco/Phillips and most recently BNSF Railway.

Since 1995, Pacific West, LLC has provided emergency response crews to its clients in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, and Colorado for clean-up of hazardous materials and non-hazardous spills. Pacific West, LLC’s personnel are trained and certified in all aspects of environmental remediation services, including: OSHA 40-hour training and yearly updates, first aid, CPR, respirator protection and fit test, confined space entry, Federal Railroad Administration Roadway Worker Protection, Mining Safety and Health Administration training, and Union Pacific Railroad On-Track Safety Training. Additionally, beginning in 2006, all Pacific West, LLC employees receive personal background investigations as part of Union Pacific Railroad’s Homeland Security Policy. Anyone not passing the background check will not be hired by the Company.

In addition to emergency response contracts, Pacific West, LLC provides Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway with non-emergency services such as: trans-loads of materials, transportation of out-of-service rail cars, snow removal, yard grading, cleanup of locomotive service pits, wastewater treatment facility operation and maintenance, water and sewer line repair, sand tower maintenance and repair, and rail yard cleaning utilizing high rail equipped vacuum trucks. Aside from its environmental and service operations, Pacific West, LLC is a full service engineering and general contractor engaged in the areas of heavy-highway, civil, building, and mechanical construction for both the public and private sectors.

Throughout its business life, Pacific West, LLC has earned a strong positive reputation from its clients for reliability, safety, quality construction, timely performance, and customer satisfaction. Our reputation rides on every job we do, no matter the size.

General Contracting

In order to complement its environmental and emergency response work and to provide a platform for growth of the business, Pacific West, LLC entered the general contracting arena in 1997. The Company performs projects in both the public and private sectors and sales from general contracting currently make up about fifty percent of annual sales. Individual project size ranges from under $10,000 to over four million dollars. The Company targets projects involving construction disciplines that utilize the same type of equipment used in its environmental operations because it creates synergies that result in good equipment utilization.

Construction projects are procured both through competitive bidding and negotiation in both the private and public sectors. Pacific West, LLC is a licensed general contractor in Utah, California, Nevada, Louisiana, Oregon, Arkansas, Pocatello, Idaho, Denver, Colorado and Melrose Park, Illinois. Pacific West, LLC is registered as a contractor as required in Washington, Montana, and Idaho. Pacific West, LLC is licensed to do business as required in Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Illinois and Minnesota.

The Company offers expertise in the following construction disciplines of construction:

  • Road construction including excavation, drainage, aggregate base courses, and asphalt paving.
  • Aggregate production and processing.
  • Rail bed and track design and construction as well as locomotive fueling and inspection facility construction and rehabilitation.
  • Structural concrete.
  • Coatings for structural concrete
  • Industrial wastewater treatment system design and construction.
  • Above ground and below ground mechanical construction involving pressurized air and fluids as well as non-pressurized fluids. In conjunction with these mechanical projects the Company also utilizes various sizes and types of pipe materials including but not limited to: corrugated metal, HDPE, stainless steel, ductile iron, cast iron, and PVC
  • Trenchless pipe restoration including pipe bursting, pipe jacking, and epoxy pipe lining.

The strength of any contracting firm is its project management staff. Pacific West’s construction project management team collectively has over 150 years of experience in engineering, heavy-highway and industrial construction. Our staff is a mix of seasoned veterans and developing young talented individuals. We understand all the technical and administrative aspects of the construction process and have the experience and resources available to respond quickly and effectively to varying assignments.

Emergency Response

Pacific West, LLC began providing emergency response services to Union Pacific Railroad in 1999 at the request of the Railroad. Since that time, our clientele has expanded to include Rocky Mountain Power’s Distribution Division, Rocky Mountain Power’s Power Generation Division, BNSF Railway, Western Petroleum, Utah Railway, Big West Oil, Holly Refining, LMH Environmental, and Chevron Pipeline Services to name a few.

We offer support to our customers through our main office number where we can be reached 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. While most of our customers require diesel fuel, gasoline, and transformer oil spill clean-up and remediation, we are also experienced with the clean-up of acids, glycol, lime, oils laden with PCB’s, soil laden with asbestos, lead, and arsenic, asphalt cement, and heavy oils such as “bunker C.”

Our service region includes: Utah, southern Idaho, Wyoming, western Colorado, Nevada, and Montana.

Health and Safety

Nothing is more important to Pacific West, LLC than the health and safety of the public, our clients, our personnel, and our subcontractors’ personnel. As a result of our commitment to safety, we have developed a comprehensive corporate health and safety program to ensure that health and safety are foremost on every job. The program applies to all operations within the Company and meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements.

While assuring that everyone associated with Pacific West, LLC goes home safely to their families each day is ample reward for our commitment to safety, it is nice to see that effort recognized by others. In June of 2005, Pacific West, LLC was awarded the Charles A Caine Award for Workplace Safety by Workers Compensation Fund of Utah for outstanding safety achievement over a three year period.

Pacific West, LLC develops a site-specific health and safety plan for each major project. Each plan contains at a minimum: detailed information regarding the project’s potential hazards, engineering controls, personal protective equipment to be used, monitoring equipment and procedures, decontamination procedures and emergency procedures and contact telephone numbers.

Pacific West, LLC’s managers, engineers, supervisors, and on-site technicians have 40-hour safety training and annual refresher training in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120. Topics include hazardous materials, health hazards, general safety, monitoring, instrumentations, personal protective equipment, confined-space entry, engineering controls, and respiratory protection. Participants are given hands-on instruction during the training course.

Additionally, all employees are given Union Pacific Railroad “On-track Safety” training as well as FRA (Federal Railroad Authority) training annually. All employees are also given first-aid and CPR training.

The Company provides specialized safety training to individuals involved with rail car spills and other railroad emergencies. Three of our employees are certified as Tank Car Specialists by the Association of Railroads Training Center in Pueblo, Colorado.

In conjunction with our corporate Safety Program, Pacific West, LLC implemented its mandatory drug and alcohol testing program in 1990 and we believe it has helped us achieve our outstanding record of workplace safety. All employees receive a pre-employment drug screen as part of the selection process. Individuals failing this test are automatically disqualified from employment. Our program also includes random and “For Cause” drug screens. Individuals identified through this process are subject to disciplinary measures including termination of employment.